Health Insurance

Many of the health insurance companies offer a variety of health insurance plans for you to choose from. Your company will be able to tailor the plan to the needs of your business. Each health insurance plan option has differing premium amounts, co-pay amounts, coverage levels and so on. The most popular types of these plans include:

Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO Plans)

HMO plans are the most popular type of health insurance plans available. Their combination of low premium cost and low co-pay make them attractive to a wide range of individuals and families. However, HMO's generally lack the freedom found in other plans due to the fact that you are not able to see a specialist unless your Primary Care Physician (PCP) gives you a referral.

Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO Plans)

PPO plans are usually priced a bit above traditional HMO plans due to the increased flexibility offered to participants. PPO plans generally don't require you to obtain a referral in order to see a specialist. Many people find this convenience worth the extra cost.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts, or HSA's, are usually coupled with high deductible health plans, described below. HSA's allow individuals to deposit non-taxed money into an account that may accumulate and grow year after year if not used. The money in these accounts can then be used pay for qualified medical expenses.

Point of Service Plans (POS Plans)

A Point of Service insurance plan gives you a limited amount of choice in terms of doctors and specialists in return for lower priced premiums and co-pays. When you're in a POS plan, you choose only your primary care physician from within the health insurance company's network, and if you need to see a specialist outside of the network, the company might only offer some financial coverage.

High Deductible Health Plans

These plans are generally found in small businesses and organizations that are looking to control their health care costs but still want to offer their employees some benefit. High deductible health plans offer lower premiums than some other plans. However, as their title suggests, their deductibles are much higher than other health insurance plans, the deductibles for these plans are very high, meaning you will pay more in out-of-pocket costs if you do require medical attention.

Health insurance can be complex and complicated so let us handle the task. We can custom tailor a plan that will fit the needs of your business and employees or review your current plan to ensure you have the best coverage and pricing available.