The Difference

You might think that all insurance firms are the same. What makes us so different? From the very beginning we made a strategic decision to focus on working with small-to-medium sized non-profit organizations and companies. Why? Because it allows us to work at our best.

we get to know you

By genuinely knowing our clients we can put our energy and focus into truly understanding their goals, needs, and wants. This in turn gives us the ability to come up with independent, comprehensive, sometimes out-of-the-box but always customized solutions. We understand that the benefits provided by an employer are usually the first step in an employee's overall financial strategy, which is why we encourage employees to be involved in the partnership with us directly.

We cover the specifics

Inevitably, questions arise from employees as to the type and amount of coverage an employer provides and we are more than happy to spend the time going over the specifics and what it might mean to them. It's really that extra step that separates us from the rest of the crowd.

Discover how Potomac Benefits can maximum your employee benefits and help you establish a path of success and security. Contact us today.